A family company between Emilia Norman & Ingrid Jansson. We work with design and parties.

Our design grows out of play, color and things we find nessecary in our life.

For partiers we set up a design at your choice of location and build up a happening inspired from escape room.

Email us for requests and questions ditteridatt@gmail.com

Photos and images:

Marcus Gyllborg, Emilia Norman, Ingrid Jansson, Emmy Norberg, Maria Nilsson

In march-april we took over the shop at Österängens Konsthall.

Presenting our latest design "The Bowl". It comes in various sizes, the biggest even with wheels.

A monitor shows a Tv-shop how we think The Bowl is suited in your personal lifestyle.

An earilier version was showed at Kajko 2020, in Sätraskogens naturreservat. We used this oppurtunity to pitch our idea to the world.

Follow the fun!

Kajko 2021

We got invited to the festival once again and this year we wanted more people to get to know our more festive side. For this escape room inspired happening we focused on kids. We had two time slots and the mission was to find our pig.


Sometimes it could be difficult to keep order of all your imortant or smaller things you need to bring. Theese bags are all diffrent, handprinted, stitched and patched individually. Whatever feels good in your hand is good enough for you. Some of theese stuff are already sold. Contact us for specific details.